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On Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 11:16 PM, Gregg Eshelman <> wrote:
> I want to install FreeDOS onto a 64 megabyte Apacer IDE flash disk for use
> in a Wyse Sx0 thin client. It has to be done outside the box because when
> booted off USB the thin client tells the booting OS that the IDE controller
> is disabled.
> Is there a way to install FreeDOS to a drive from Windows?

Perhaps RUFUS is what you want? "Create bootable USB drives the easy way"!

Obviously the embedded default bare bones "FreeDOS" from there isn't
much, so you'll have to either use the full FD .iso instead or
manually copy over your files (which is probably simpler to customize,

> I have downloaded the Panasonic universal USB Mass Storage drivers for DOS

Why not Bret's (UHCI only) drivers?

> and VIA's DOS AC97 drivers. Don't know if Realtek's AC97 implementation
> matches up with VIA's. I've read that the VIA drivers do work with some
> other brands but found no mention of Realtek. I also have the Realtek 81xx
> Ethernet drivers for DOS.
> Sound and networking aren't essential to operating the mill, but I'd like to
> get them to work since I have three of these WYSE boxes.

Networking is usually dependent upon the app, e.g. mTCP uses its own
stack embedded in each app (e.g. FTP), and others (DJGPP-built)
usually use Watt-32 (e.g. Links2 or Wget).

> One would make an ideal DOOM machine, probably would even run DN3D and some
other old DOS games.

Doom (vanilla or Chocolate) can use PC speaker, even. But anyways, you
may wish to use DOS32A with it for better stability (no hang upon
exit) or use a newer source port (e.g. Boom with FreeDoom data).
Though there aren't many (if any) ports that still actively support

> The operating environment I'd like to setup for the CNC needs to have USB
> mass storage support for loading GCODE files from USB flash drives.

Does your BIOS not recognize USB flash drive as quasi "hard disk" at
bootup? Of course you can't remove it then, will have to reboot to
change it, but that seems easier than expecting full USB support
(which is not well-supported in DOS, to say the least).

> It needs as much of the low 640K free as possible and as much EMS as
possible. XMS is
> not needed. There's an environment variable to set for allocating the number
> of 16K EMS blocks

Doing without XMS seems unwise. In fact, using "XMS only" is usually
pretty frugal, so you should still have plenty of free low RAM.
Anyways, my point is that (unless you direly need UMBs), just "JEMM386
LOAD X=TEST I=TEST" at cmdline when EMS is needed, don't keep it
enabled all the time.

> With 512 meg RAM I'd like to setup part of it as a RAM disk to copy the CNC
> software to as part of the startup process. Total size, after removing the
> example GCODE files, install.exe and setup.exe is around 550K so there
> should be plenty of room.

Setting up a RAM drive should be easy (e.g. Shsurdrv or Srdisk or
similar). Then again, I'm used to "XMS only", so I'm not sure how
reliable it is to use EMS only. (Tdsk maybe bugs out if you have "too
much" RAM, AFAIK.)

> I did find an old French website where someone installed an older version of
> FreeDOS onto an Sx0 with 64 meg flash and provided an image of the drive. I
> copied the image over and it boots up, in French.

It's unlikely that such an image is "French only" (although maybe it's
using a modified FreeCOM shell). It should be easy to revert back to
English ("set LANG=" alone should do half the work). Oh, and remove

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