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On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 3:58 PM, dmccunney <> wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 9:46 AM, Dale E Sterner <> wrote:
>> I installed win 7 on a laptop to see what it could do but not to use it.
>> I installed software that I bought to see what it  would do on win 7.
>> A lot of of message boxes came up giving me 24 hours to reactive
>> or it would shut down forever.
> Did those messages come from Win7 or the software you installed?

Can't you use a RC (release candidate) for a few months? Or is that
not supported any longer?

>> I left the test software on being affraid that if I removed it, it would
>> do it again. Win 7 is now on my junk software list.

In fairness, Win7 doesn't have a lot of life left, so it's not a good
long-term solution. (Vista very recently died, so no more updates or

> You got DOS and DOS apps in the old days, got them to where you
> wanted, and stopped.  If what you have does what you need, splendid.
> If it doesn't, you are looking at stepping beyond DOS.  That will mean
> either a flavor of Windows or a flavor of Linux.  Either way, there's
> a learning curve you're stuck with, and you need to learn more about
> and better understand what your options are.

I can't help but wonder if a simple Chromebook (from Best Buy, etc.)
would fit the bill for him (or me or others). But without QEMU or
similar by default, it's probably less useful. Google probably thinks
emulation would be overkill for the "light" tasks that Chromebooks
support. You can "probably" install a full Ubuntu (instead of default
ChromeOS), but I'm not sure of the potential tradeoffs there (battery

A lot of issues with old DOS software have to do with printing, as one
guy on BTTR recently mentioned needing. Not sure what is perfectly
ideal here (VDosPlus??). BTW, QEMU 2.9.0 was just released today (but
I'm unaware of any relevant changes for us).

Another long shot would be DOS emulation in the browser via
Javascript. Normally I would shun that for being too buggy or slow,
but there are TONS of Javascript emulators. It's shocking actually,
and some are amazingly good (and network-aware), e.g. OpenRISC. Of
course, DOS is not high priority, and's V86 is still too
buggy, but we can dream, can't we?   ;-)

> Proceeding without knowledge is a good way to shoot yourself in *both* feet.

Shooting your foot off? Yes, C++17 was finalized recently.   :-))

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