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> For the most part dos moves well between machines.
> Did have trouble with cutemouse & jemmex. On
> some machines they hang up.

So even DOS can be sensitive to hardware differences.  :-p

> What is the difference between Lubuntu & Ubuntu.
> What difference does the L make.

The default GUI.

In Windows, the GUI is part of the OS, and you boot into the standard
Windows GUI.  (You *can* boot to a command line, by diddling the
registry to change Windows' idea of the default shell to CMD.EXE.  You
really don't *want* to.)

In Linux, the GUI is a layered product, running on top of the OS.  You
can boot a Linux system to a command line and not *use* a GUI, though
once again, you may not want to.

Ubuntu is a Linux distribution built on top of Debian Linux.  A major
difference between Linux distributions is what GUI they use as the
default.  There are *many* available GUIs for Linux.

The main Ubuntu distribution defaulted to a GUI developed by Ubuntu
parent company Canonical, Ltd, called Unity.  Unity was attempting to
be a "one size fits all" GUI that would run on desktop, laptop,
netbook, tablet, and smartphone.  It was optimized for systems where
the scarce resource was screen real estate, and you might access stuff
through a touch screen.  It was a good fit for a tablet, but fell down
on a large monitor. Ubuntu has recently halted development on Unity
and anointed Gnome as the standard GUI.

Ubuntu is available in other flavors as Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Lubuntu.
Kubuntu installs the KDE desktop as the default.  Lubuntu installs the
Lxde desktop.  Xubuntu installs the XFCE desktop.

You are not limited to the default.  You can install others, and
select which you wish to use at the Login screen.  On the desktop, I
have Unity, Gnome Classic, Enlightenment, Lxde and XFCE installed, and
spend most time in Gnome.  On the old netbook, I use Lubuntu, with
Lxde, as it's a lightweight desktop intended for lower resource

(Back when, I ran a version of Red Hat Linux with a desktop designed
to look as much as possible like Win95 to ease transition for folks
coming from Windows.)

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