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> How busy are those eCS lists on Yahoogroups?

Note that Verizon has acquired Yahoo and plans to rebrand it.  It
already owned AOL.  It has informed Verizon email users that Verizon
will no longer provide email services, and that they should create and
switch to an AOL account for email.

I do not expect them to maintain Yahoo email too, and I'll be more
than a bit surprised if Yahoo Groups still exist after the dust

Note as well that if you post to a list like this from an AOL or Yahoo
account, it is likely to be classified as spam.  AOL and Yahoo had a
problem - both had been hacked, there were oodles of AOL and Yahoo
addresses available for forgery, and it's trivial to change the From:
header in email. Massive amounts of spam were emanating from forged
AOL and Yahoo addresses.  To combat the problem, both turned on
provisions of the DKIP specifications.  One required that all email
from AOL and Yahoo accounts be digitally signed to prove it was from
who it claimed to be from. Another required that the email not be
*changed* in transit.

This *broke* mailing lists, as the list software must modify the email
headers as part of what it does.  The changes are noted in the
modified headers, and what happens next depends on the recipient's
email server.  Some simply discard the list mail undelivered as spam.
Others accept delivery, but mark it spam, and it doesn't appear in the
recipient's Inbox.  (GMail does that. Gregg Eshelman posts from a
Yahoo account, and every one of his messages to the FreeDOS list gets
labeled spam here and must be reclassified.)

Folks complained, and AOL and Yahoo's response was essentially "Don't
use mailing lists.  Use web forums like we provide."

If you post from an AOL or Yahoo address, you have three choices:

Don't participate in mailing lists

Participate, but be aware not everyone may see your posts

Find a different email provider
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