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> > Felix Miata composed on 2017-04-24 23:07 (UTC-0400):...
> >> OS/2 needed the upgrade to MCP that eCS incorporated, and Dani's 506, DASD
> >> and ATAPI drivers to run on hardware that wasn't perfectly sync'd up to
> >> that in the PC hardware IBM was selling, or even when it did....
> > I went to, but some information was missing, such as GPT
> > support and 64-bit support.
> It runs on 64-bit CPUs as if on 32. AFAIK, there are no plans for foreseeable
> future for a 64-bit kernel.

> I have no idea about GPT support. Does any 32-bit OS support GPT?

> There are eCS mailing lists for those interested in clues to more of what's
> going on.


> > I had difficulties with the OS/2 installers.  In the case of Warp 4, an
> > Iomega Zip drive showed with two different, consecutive letters, making it
> > difficult to find the proper drive letters.

> That kind of stuff is what using the Dani drivers usually alleviated.

I don't think Dani drivers existed when I installed OS/2 Warp 4 upgrade from
OS/2 Warp 3.

>From Wikipedia, eComStation does not support GPT.

But it is possible for a 32-bit OS.  Examples are Haiku, FreeBSD i386 and
NetBSD i386.

How busy are those eCS lists on Yahoogroups?

from Gregg Eshelman:

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> Have you ever installed OS/2 Warp 3 Upgrade from floppies? I did, on a
Packard Bell 486 SX system with a 63 Mhz Pentium Overdrive. For some reason
once it got to the GUI stage and I was feeding it disk after disk, I'd have to
> the mouse in constant motion while it was reading a disk or it'd freeze.
> What was the upgrade from? OS/2 2.something, also on floppies. I picked up
both really cheap somewhere, and after going through the process of installing
2.x then the Warp 3 upgrade I found out why it was cheap. ;)
> I also found out that tinkering with its massive config.sys file in any way
was an easy way to cause big problems.

I can no longer remember if OS/2 Warp 3 upgrade was all from floppies, or if is
was on a CD but with three kicker/boot floppies to start from.  Upgrade was
from OS/2 2.11 with fixpacks.

I could modify or add a few lines in the config.sys but not the whole thing.


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