Hi guys,

apparently somebody is re-sending old freedos-user emails from
[original name of person] <d...@capitolcity.net>, using content
between mid-2016 and today. Until early 2017, you will also see
ALL CAPS original names, but they have now fixed that. Almost
of those 500 mails came out in a burst that only took half an
hour. I suggest to block that email address from list posting
and kick their mails from the archives, otherwise it will look
as if those guys are great FreeDOS contributors...

Cheers, Eric

> Hi Rugxulo,
>>> I just opened my inbox and found a pile of list emails from 2016-09-11 
>>> right up
>>> to 2017-04-8.
>>> Has it happened to anybody else?
>>> Thanks
>>> Wesley Parish
>> Yes, it happened to me, too. (BTW, nice way to clarify about a bunch
>> of spam, email the list!!!)    :-P
> Same here.
> Maybe Jim released "some" old messages from SF spam quarantine. ;-)
> Robert Riebisch

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