I just weeded out a couple of packages that showed up in the RSS feed that had 
not been updated in a while. The showed up because they had recently had some 
METADATA corrections. Now that most of the packages should have correct 
METADATA, this type of corrections should be rare going forward. I probably 
won’t bother to manually remove them in the future. At present, the feed shows 
packages updated since the release of FreeDOS 1.2. I figure that is a good 
starting point. 

If you are unfamiliar with using RSS, my recommendation is using Mozilla 
Firefox. It does a pretty nice job of dealing with these types of RSS feeds. 
You even have two different ways of using them. 

First, you can just view the XML file. It will give you a nicely formatted page 
with links and such. 

Second, you can subscribe to a feed as “Live Bookmarks”. This will provide you 
with a bookmark menu item that updates with the new packages. Clicking on the 
link will take you to page on the server. 

Unfortunately, Google Chrome no longer supports RSS feeds. However, along with 
Firefox and Safari, there are many Readers and Podcast downloaders that do a 
pretty nice job.

Once again the here are the links to the package update feeds: 

Official FreeDOS Repository Server: 

My LOD.BZ Server: https://fd.lod.bz/repos/current/pkg-html/rss.xml 

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