Just yesterday , for my first time I saw the blog, looks good.
I get these from the mail-list, but have not had anything to say, 
or need to ask questions, so it has been a long time since I have
posted anything. 
 Any way, a Happy Birthday, Free Dos as well.  
I think that will be a fun and interesting way to celebrate, look
to see what others share. 
 I am still using FreeDos, occasionally, and will try to write
something about
Happy Birthday

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 Hi everyone!

 FreeDOS will turn 23 years old this year, on June 29. While there's
 nothing special about "23," I thought it would be interesting to
 celebrate this year's anniversary by having a bunch of us share a
 story about why we use FreeDOS.

 So I started a Blog Challenge on the FreeDOS Blog:

 Basically, I'm asking you to write a blog post about FreeDOS. You can
 write your story from different perspectives, such as: How did you
 discover FreeDOS? What do you use FreeDOS for? How do you contribute
 to FreeDOS? In short, answer the question: "Why FreeDOS?" You can
 your blog post as long or short as you like.

 If you have a blog or a website, post your story by June 28, and let
 me know where to find it. I'll link to everyone's stories on June 29
 for our anniversary.

 If you don't have a blog, you can email me your story (off-list) and
 I'll put it up as a "guest post" on the FreeDOS blog.

 I know many of you have a great story about FreeDOS. Many of you have
 been with FreeDOS the longest!


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