Hi people,

> A simple question, if I may: does FreeDOS 1.2 have a codename?

> I really like things having names, so right now I am using MINNESOTA

That would not be 8.3 compatible

I see that the Beta versions were Orlando, Marvin, Ventura,
Lemur, Lara, Midnite, Spears and Nikita, while the last Beta
had no name either. I do not see the pattern in the names,
so let me try some associations...

Orlando - Toronto, Calgary, ...

Marvin - Arthur, Trillian, Zaphod, ...

Ventura - depends on which Ventura: Venkman? Valiant?

Lemur - Squirrel? Blinky?

Lara - Jill? Tifa? Alyx? Peach?? Alicia? Aveline??

Midnite - Dawn?

Spears - Lopez? Shakira? Alanis? Tori?

Nikita - Leeloo? Leela?  Evelyn? Motoko?

Sort of tricky to come up with sensible choices  Bonus
points if you know each of the listed names in this email.

Cheers, Eric

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