Greetings, Folks.

Eric, Jim - good to meet!

Eric - I mostly use names within volume labels, which have the full 11
characters, but you're right, its probably better to stick to 8
characters, to allow for folder- and file names.

Nice list, though, most of them actually do make some sense. -smile-
I named 1.2 RC1 "Heaven" so I could tell my wife "I've been in heaven
all day long..." LOL

Jim - I'd love to read more about the history of FreeDOS, and I'll
keep an extra eye on your blog next week. As one who can still
remember booting up PC-DOS 1.0 from a 5.25 inch floppy, you're
bringing back so many wonderful memories... -smile-

That said, and with all due respect, I would like to urge you to
reconsider and select a nice name for FreeDOS 1.2. Trying not to get
too philosophical, but naming things is a somewhat magical or perhaps,
even divine form of act; an expression of recognition of
individuality, so to speak, and I dare say, FreeDOS 1.2 *deserves* to
be recognized.

So, for magic's sake, give the kid a name! -smile-

Take care,

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