On 6/13/2017 4:02 PM, Simon van Meygaarden wrote:
> Greetings, Folks.
> Ralf > First time I hear about those programs, and they are not
> something elementary to (Free)DOS,
> Jiri > All this is essentially for people who already know what's
> there or what should be there, not really for novices.
> I respectfully disagree. -smile-
> The first thing a new user will see when FreeDOS boots, is the message
> "Type HELP to get support on commands and navigation". When one types
> HELP, the first line of the Main Help page says "For information on
> using Help, press F1...". When F1 is pressed, the How to use the
> FreeDOS Help page is displayed, and this pages mentions WHATIS and
> So after learning the HELP command, the next two commands a new user
> will learn are WHATIS and APROPOS. And they don't work! It gets even
> worse: the same Help page also mentions FASTHELP, FDHELP, and
> FSUITE04. And these don't work either!
Again, those programs are not in any form an integral part of FreeDOS.
That those are mentioned in that Help program is an issue you need to
take up with the author of the Help tool.
Best guess is that he wrote something copied verbatim from a similar
tool in Linux, without either noticing the mentioning or not following
up with it.


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