Jose Antonio Senna wrote:

  I received this message, which seems genuine:

From: ""<>

Subject: Important Account Information - Reconfirm Mailing List Subscriptions

Thanks for being a SourceForge user. Our records indicate that
you are  subscribed to the following project mailing lists:


We are contacting you to confirm you are still interested in
receiving emails from these SourceForge project lists.
If you do not confirm your subscriptions by June 29th,
you will be unsubscribed from the above mailing lists.
Please click here to confirm your subscriptions:


   I followed the link,  filled the subscription confirmation form
  on the page and submitted it,  then receivng the apge back
  with the remark:

  Form security (reCAPTCHA) missing, please submit again

   Nowhere on the original page there was a captcha field.

  This looks like another contrivance to keep out users of old browsers.
  ( I am using Firefox 2.0.20 for Windows98)

  Would someone with admin clearance in these lists
please keep me subscribed ?

To Jim Hall:

How many subscribers does each Freedos mailing list have now? It might be interesting to see if the number of subscribers drops significantly after SourceForge finishes this process.

To all:

Why would a mailing list require its subscribers to use a web browser? Shouldn't an email client be sufficient? After all, people have been using mailing lists since before web browsers (or the world wide web) existed.

And why do I have to "reconfirm"?

Years ago I sent an email in which I asked to subscribe. I received an email which asked me to confirm my request (by replying to that email). I sent a reply to that email. Then I received another email which welcomed me to the mailing list.

Wasn't that enough?

If the day comes when I want to unsubscribe, I will. I assume that most, if not all, subscribers are equally capable of stopping their subscriptions if they want to.

But what if something goes`wrong?  Okay, imagine this scenario:

I stop accessing my email account (due to loss of Internet access, change of ISP, my email provider stops providing service in my country, death, etc.).

If that happens, then, for awhile, Freedos emails would uselessly accumulate in my email account's Inbox. That's a waste of bandwidth (more wasteful than the recent flood?), but it won't last forever because...

Presumably, my email provider will eventually suspend and/or delete my email account due to inactivity (i.e. me not retrieving my email anymore).

After that happens, SourceForge will start getting a bounce msg each time that they attempt to send a Freedos email to my defunct email account.

At that point, SourceForge can justifiably (and unilaterally) unsubscribe my email account from the Freedos mailing lists.

What's wrong with that process? Haven't mailing lists worked that way for decades?


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