>Hi Eddie, others.
>One reason places like sourcefordge may be taking this step has to do with
>privacy and e-mail spam regulations.  Many countries  are requiring list
>managers to confirm via various options, that a person wishes to remain
>The problem, yes there is a problem with recaptcha, is that sourcefordge
>is home to many lists involving open source tools and programs.  Many with
>users who are not well bothering with windows 10 or something.
>I stand by my first suggestion, if the captcha  fails, producing the
>message, contact sourcefordge support and tell them.
>When I did this, I was contacted with an apology  since indeed the captcha
>does not appear in many settings.  They also  just reconfirmed my
>subscription, problem solved.
>Just my take,

Couldn't they check via email and then have an option for responding to
confirm subscription?  That seems more sense-making from a 'have
everything usable with an email client' side...
Andrew Patterson

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