Hi Jose,

very interesting detail in your SourceForge ticket reply!

> There is also a captcha that is required due to e-mail 
> providers such as gmail automatically visiting links 
> embeded in e-mail.

A while ago, a similar issue was noticed by German Heise
c't magazine when Skype was found to be visiting links
mentioned in chats. The companies probably call those a
feature (antivirus, security, caching, optimized ads??)
but I would just call it a very bad habit (or "trend").

It is a bit similar to a few years ago when LinkedIn
and similar sites invited users to give sites their mail
login password, so LinkedIn could harvest all contacts
and send them all some nice spam called invitations.

Or to the more modern trend where websites REQUIRE the
user to login with their facebook or similar account.

All those great ideas :-p Regards, Eric

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