Hello all,

Just wanted to let you know I added a new feature to the VFDUTIL.COM utility in 
V8PT yesterday.

Basically, it will search the system PATH directories for a given filespec and 
output all matching files. If it is not found, there is no output and it 
terminates with an errorlevel. 

This is similar to some Linux commands. But, does have some different behavior. 
It excepts wild cards. You can chain multiple searches (stops after first no 
match found). It does not search the current working directory unless it is in 
the PATH variable. 

Can be useful to find files and/or see if a file is in the PATH spec. 

It is the /s switch. There is a quite version using /t that doesn't display the 
matching files.


vfdutil /s command.com /s *.bat

vfdutil /t wcc.exe /t wlink.exe
if errorlevel 1 goto OWNotInPath


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