Hi Shane and thanks for your work,
I've given a look to the new version, nice :).
Predictably the mouse experience is more fluid and comfortable so I can
confirm you finally integrated cute mouse and OpenGEM very well. My newest
Logitech mouse used to hang, block and prevented me from using GEM on
desktop: Now it goes smoothly.

I noticed and was pleased that you added a couple of new features  (I used
to ran release 4 or 5,  in which I had installed the addons packages with
the other apps). 

I think someone should eventually specify  in the readme that GEMAPPS has to
be mandatory copied to C:\GEMAPPS, because if I guessed it right GEM.BAT
will look in C:\GEMAPPS\GEMSYS\ for a DESKTOP.APP, which is required in
order to load a working environment (otherwise you get just a white and
black environment with a buggy file manager). This was something hard to
figure out when I first installed GEM some years ago. Perhaps it's specified
elsewhere but I didn't have the time to read all the documentation, I just
did what I was used to with the previous releases.

In the readme file You mentioned a batch file (INSTALL.BAT) to be run so as
to  to make the installation process (quite easy anyway XD) autonomous.
Where is that supposed to be located?

Concerning power off, are you saying that you rebuilt the SHUTDOWN utility
you had found  on vetusware in order to make it work from within GEM?

In that case,  as Ruxgulo pointed out, fdapm is a difficult-to-beat program;
it works really well so far, and in my experience gets its job done even
from inside GEM :) 

Yours, cordially
P.V. Olivo 

'I have a wish. It as a fear as well - that in my end will be my beginning'. 
[Ernesto Guevara]
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