> This gives access to most of the 4GB of RAM

>>Really, so much? How's that possible?

Depending on which motherboard we use, we get between 2.x-3.x GB, but never
the full 4GB.

>>I personally never use extended memory, because there are very few
programs able to exploit it. For me using a memory >>extender most of time
results in anything more than a waste of conventional memory.

If I don't load umbpci, then the target app won't be able to run. Modern
motherboards are a pain. Every time we buy new motherboards we have to have
Uwe Sieber modify umbpci, so we can load the Ramdisk driver.

>>There are instead some more programs capable of making use of expanded
memory, so probably you'll find yourself more >>comfortable using that.

Like what? This is why I'm trying Freedos, and all of its utilities. I'm
hoping to find the magic combination that requires as little as possible to
load while providing the most UMB and/or extended/expanded memory.

The target application is a legacy tool that has been in use for over 20
years, where I work. We don't have the sources, nor the build environment,
very little documentation, nor the expertise / time to modify if, if we did
have all of those. It is an extremely useful tool for us, however the DOS
environment is tough to configure. (mostly because none of us understands
how to load/configure the minimal drivers to get the maximum memory). We've
been struggling for almost 20 years, we have a configuration that works
under MSDOS, but we are very tight under the 1MB area. And, this changes
from one motherboard to the next.


>>If you have a RAM disk manager configured in fdconfig.sys too, you'd
better disable it for the moment; I encountered >>several issues using a
turbodisk to create a large ram disk with expanded memory loaded.

This is a requirement for our test environment. The Ramdisk loads fine in
MSDOS, which is what we use at the moment.

The contents of the config.sys I posted are the contents for a successful
boot configuration under MSDOS.

I'm not loading the Ramdisk in Freedos - yet.

> SHELL=C:\4DOS.COM <> /F /P /E:2048

This is part of the config.sys for the MSDOS boot. I'm not using this with
Freedos- yet.

>>If I'm not wrong I had a stack overflow/division by zero error, when
using 4DOS with an environment larger than 1024. If >>you configured it the
same way in fdconfig.sys, you should consider trying reducing that
'/E:2048', or switching >>temporarely to

Will keep that in mind for troubleshooting, but will break our
test environment. WE rely heavily on many features of 4DOS.

>>Internet is full of literature on that topic. Wikipedia respective  pages
provide a good and solid point to start from. >>Anyway,this mail list is
attended by people more and more suited than me to explain this

It's full of confusing docs. I haven't found anything that is clear or
doesn't contradict itself.
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