On Mon, Aug 7, 2017 at 6:51 PM, Bonaventura de'Vidovich
<i...@bonaventura.com> wrote:
>      I'd like to install FD on a USB pendrive.
> I have tried to use the Ā«USB "Full" installerĀ» image but only a little bit o
> free space is avaible.

How much total capacity does your jump drive have?

> Besides the sistem looks not to run very well
> starting so from USB pendrive.

How so? Too slow? Sure, it's slower than normal hard disks, but a
software cache (and/or RAM disk) can probably mitigate that.

> How can I do?

Some other alternatives are as follows:

1). RUFUS:
* http://rufus.akeo.ie/

2). UNetBootIn:
* http://unetbootin.github.io/

3). *nix dd
* http://joelinoff.com/blog/?p=431

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