/Jerome said:/

Take a look at the software comparison chart on the official FreeDOS software repository.

I looked at the rather extensive chart (thanx, BTW.) I was hoping you could clear-up a little bit of confusion on my part… The chart consists of several columns which I understand clearly except for that last "FreeDOS" column. I'm not sure what its significance is.Although, it's plain to see that it's not, it seems to be the same as the previous column ("1.2-Extra".)

/Jerome said:/

Since you probably don’t have a supported NIC in the dedicated machine

Nope, although I would like to add this PC to my wireless & wired network, but I wasn't sure how-to do so. The other PCs on my network consists of 4 Win 7 PCs (2 of which are LapTops), 1 Linux Mint PC (as a learning project), 1 Win 10 Laptop/tablet 2in1 combo, 2 Android devices, 1 Nintendo WII game system (seldom used anymore), & 2 wirelessly connected HP printers.Can you recommend a compatible NIC?

/Jerome said:/

The FreeDOS 1.2 installer will back up your config files.

Good to know.Just what I was hoping, but didn't know.

/Jerome said:/

Also, if the new system directory (C:\FDOS), already exists, it will also backup and replace it. So, make sure you have plenty of free disk space.

If I remember correctly, Free Space is not a problem, at least not yet!:)I'll rename the 1.1 FreeDOS Dir to "FDOS", I think I named it"FreeDOS" initially…

/Jerome said:/

I highly recommend you create your own backup of anything important.

Good advice!I THINK I already did this, but it's been many years ago since I created that system and I'm not real sure.Oh well, I have plenty of old floppies, if they're needed!:)

/Jerome said:/

But, you never know. On top of that, a hard drive can go bad or even completely fail without warning.

Don't I know it!(I've had more-than my share of HD woes)… Back in the old days, my nickname was "HD Killer"!:)Since then, I've developed more precautionary habits, although, a few more such habits wouldn't hurt.:)

Thanx for all the invaluable help, Jerome.

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