First of all, Ralf, thanks for all the great help! I ended up using CDBurnerXP first & it worked superbly!:)

- don't use Windows build-in CD burning tool. It simply s**ks.

Although I agree, especially after using CDBurnerXP.I spent some time figuring-out how to use the built-in Windows Burner and finally got fairly comfortable using it & it did work as it is supposed to on my Win 7 PC, just not on the FD PC.I'm not 100% sure but, I'm thinking it was a LFN (Long File Name) issue.

Use a proper burning tool instead,

Each one of those is free and light years better than using Windows build-in burner, as you have tons of options to actually control what you are doing (see below)

For sure…

- make sure you use a CD-R media, not a CD-RW media.

Although I don't know all the specifics, I do know that I use "Memorex" CDRs. I usually shun away from oddball brands (learned that lesson the hard way). The FD PC has an HP 52r with an older IDE I/F.It's set as master on the secondary IDE controller.

Also the quality of the media might be a factor

You had me worried there till after CDBurnerXPwas a success!

- make sure to use a (very) low speed setting

I'm not 100% convinced about using a lower write speed, but I ended up using 10x anyway.Even at that low speed, the burn time was just under 2 min.

- make sure that the disc you burn is "finalized".

I did.


You're awesome! Thanx again!

PS: The easiest way to download above mentioned tools without any hassle or unwanted fluff

Sure enough an important consideration for me.I ended up using & bookmarked it right away in my browser (Google Chrome).

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