On 2017-11-04 21:23, Ralf Quint wrote:
On 11/4/2017 12:06 PM, userbeit...@abwesend.de wrote:
I did install a couple of software too. What good is DOS without
programs, right? But even deselecting the compilers and the GUI it
didn't fit. I wanted to select only really relevant packages next, but
work called and I had to stop the project for the time. As soon as I
find the time, I will continue to try.

Yes, I know that DOS fits a floppy! That DOS isn't of any use though -
you need at least one program.
Also, a lot of what the FreeDOS distribution offers are utilities,
meaning: they also don't do anything for you except if you have other
data/programs. Take ZIP as an example: without something to ZIP it's
just sitting there waiting. No one would say: "I have to work with ZIP
today to get my work done" or "I want to play with ZIP the whole day,
because it's so much fun".

Sorry for being sarcastic. It's my nature. I appologize in advance.

So much for the story of a total fail...
Well, how small was that hard drive that you tried? Of course, if you
select "everything plus the kitchen sink", you can expect to fill up a
(very) small hard drive. But this is not a failure of installing
FreeDOS, it is a failure to apply common sense. And a GUI is not part of
DOS, and why would you need ALL compilers? (which ones did you want to use?)

Your story is a bit like buying a Fiat 500 and than complain that you
can't fit in a couple tons of bricks...


Hi Ralf!

Don't take all this so serious. Please. I simply was caught by surprise that the FreeDOS distribution was so big. And you know how it is, you install something and when it asks you "Do you want this?" you say, "Okay, why not?!?"

The GUI I'm talking about is OpenGEM. I always wanted to try out GEM, so I figured I'd include it.

The compilers I didn't even select. I *de*selected them.

The HDD actually isn't that small: it's a 512 MB Transcend 40-pin IDE flash module. I partitioned it so that it would hold not only a FreeDOS partition, but also a DR DOS 5.0 partition and a Linux partition.

I remembered my first DOS machine had a 40 MB HDD. So I partitioned too small. The Linux would only be an experiment, the DR DOS would be a restoration of the original operating system and the FreeDOS would be an experiment to see how it works on real hardware.

Well, I don't remember the exact partitioning, but I think that 40 MB for each DOS and the rest for Linux was what I could have done. And I also repartitioned for a bigger FreeDOS, but then work came along.

To take your car example: I got an SUV alright, but I invited too many friends to bring along.

I assume the full 512 MB will surely be enough for FreeDOS. But I definitely also want to install DR DOS. I think I might drop Linux...

BTW, the PC is vintage and I think that 512 MB is as much as I can get out of the BIOS setup anyhow. I had to manually calculate C/H/S, which is 993/16/63.

Also, the CMOS battery is dead, so for the time being I have to manually enter these values everytime I try to boot this vintage PC. I don't have access to a working 3.5 inch floppy right now and I also cannot add a CD-ROM drive. Also, when I installed DOS on a LBA-capable system, it didn't boot on the 486 PC. I think this is a LBA versus C/H/S issue.

But remember, this was just a hobby that I tried to get working during Christmas vacation time. No time now. Though I'm planning to pick up at some point.

Hope that explains it. Don't get to angry with me. Thanks.

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