I gave a lot of thought to the issue of “Installed” and “required” free space 
for the batch based FDI in FreeDOS 1.2. With the amount of additional overhead 
and complexity it would require, I decided it was not worth the effort at 

Base size,
Base + sources size,
Full size,
Full+ sources size,
All package sizes (custom advanced mode)
All packages + sources sizes,
Temp storage requirements to expand largest installing package,
Temp storage for custom install lists,
Temp storage for custom autoexec and config file creation,
Size needed for copy style backup,
Size needed for advanced zip backup,
Size needed for MBR backup,
Size needed for config file backup,
Size of packages to be removed and upgraded,
a couple other minor things.

Basically, all of these would all need to be known and/or calculated before the 
installer could say “43.5mb of packages to install” requiring 87.2mb of free 


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