Not sure why DeSmet wasn't well received long ago, but I think this is a
Good Thing to see. I'd love to see DeSmet included in the next FreeDOS.
Since it's GNU GPL, and produces 16bit binaries with the different memory
models, then this would be a great fit!

I haven't used this compiler before, but now I'm interested to try it out
this weekend!

On Nov 8, 2017 11:58 AM, "Ralf Quint" <> wrote:

On 11/7/2017 11:54 PM, Mateusz Viste wrote:
> On Tue, 07 Nov 2017 23:28:08 -0800, Ralf Quint wrote:
>> And yes, I would like to see this included in FreeDOS, as it is the only
>> C compiler that both produces 16 bit code and can even run on a
>> minimalistic FreeDOS system with only 256KB of RAM and two floppy discs.
> Sounds nice! And if the license allows it, it would certainly be a good
> addition to FreeDOS (if 4 freedoms) and/or Svarog386 (if freeware-like).
> Would you do a package of it?
> Mateusz

The license is GPL2/LGPL. and I am curious as to why now people think
it's "nice" now while 10 years ago, when it was made Open Source,
everybody seemed to be against it.

I haven't really looked into any of that FreeDOS package stuff, as that
is for me (personally) not "the DOS way". Bill had made ZIP files from
each of the 5 floppy disks and another one with the source code for the
compiler/linker/tools, and he also got the source code for the SEE
editor and the 3rd party O88 peephole optimizer. Haven't looked into how
the later one works in connection with the ANSI C version of the
compiler, though I don't think that this would make much of a
difference. I did not purchase that one "back in those days", as the
compiler by itself produced pretty nice and small code for all I did
with it back then (that was in the early 2.x version days).

I was thinking to make one bigger ZIP file for the executables
(including the library source code, which might need a bit of work) that
would extract into a folder structure, it doesn't really need an
"installation", and overall, I will try again to contact Bill to move
the stuff to SourceForge or GitHub. Once that would be done, I could
look into any "package"...
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