Thanks for the help. Anything with lots of files needs special
attention (esp. due to licensing).

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> I think I have figured out what goes where, though I'm not sure.
> I've only done a quick "hello world" test, but it looks like it works **if
> you stay in the same directory.**
> Doing "c88 -I <folder>" didn't seem to work.

IIRC, BUGS!.EXE is just a sample old game (that runs too fast to be
playable) but without sources.

Similarly, while RAM.COM has source, it doesn't run under FreeDOS
(AFAIK), probably relying on old, hardcoded MS-DOS guts.

The timestamps have all been touched. In a perfect world, especially
since this is GPL, we'd rebuild it ourselves to verify that source
matches binaries. Someone might incorrectly assume that's already been
done if all files are recently dated.

> Anyway, here's desmet c with a tiny install (just the programs), a complete
> install (with sources etc) and the 10 meg pdf manual:

BTW, obviously PDF is not well-supported in DOS, but there are a few
workable tools. If this manual has been OCR'd, maybe it won't
auto-translate, but otherwise we should run XPDF's PDFTOTEXT.EXE on
it. (Or at least have a simple tutorial written in plain text. It
shouldn't be hard, considering how simplistic this toolset is ...
famous last words!)

> https://github.com/randomliegh/desmetFD
> May work, may not ...but at least it should be easier to test!

I did some minimal testing (again) a few days ago with what .ZIPs I
already had. It does work in the simplest cases, but I didn't try all
the various add-ons and tools (O88, LIB88). IIRC, I only used C88 and
NEWBIND plus a few headers. I'm not sure about some of the other
auxiliary tools.

The nightmare is when tools require several third-party versions to
build, so you end up with redundant dependencies. Ideally, you only
want one specific compiler version (plus one assembler, one linker,
etc.) for any single project. This problem is unfortunately more
common than you'd think.

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