On Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 1:52 PM, Robert Riebisch <r...@bttr-software.de> wrote:
>> For anyone relatively new to the FreeDOS email lists, Jack's drivers come up 
>> every once in a while.

It's mainly because he obsessively updates them, and he craves
attention (despite being banned), even though he doesn't even use
"FleaDOS" (as he calls us)!

Also, some few misguided people keep recommending the drivers to us,
even if they are (now, unfairly) closed source! (Why??)

>> Jack writes good code

Yes and no.

"Mar-05" (2015) seems to basically works fine ... not that he was kind
enough to tell us about that "release". I only found it by checking
his friend's DropBox. So we were still only mirroring the Oct-whatever
(2014) version because he made so many laborious stipulations
(paraphrased, "don't mirror unless I can announce it myself via
freedos-user!"). March 5th was when he explicitly "gave up" (on
FreeDOS, SF.net, x86 PCs!) just to get me to leave him alone.

Even though I had spent months trying to get him to resolve (well,
workaround) his SF.net certificate issue (which you, Jim, created a
bug ticket for on SF.net since he directly emailed both of us
privately [Nov. 13, 2014] to help him!), he still wasn't happy.


And yet he later emailed me privately (March 12 [sic]), telling me to
also mirror iBiblio the new "Mar-18" since "Mar-05" had "magically
appeared" without announcement. But that later one wouldn't boot for
me anymore.

Jim, on March 14 [sic], 2015, I emailed you explaining this:

"So now I downloaded [Mar-18 drivers], but for whatever reason, my
system didn't boot correctly.
I was too busy to try to figure out why, so I just assumed it was a
regression and reverted.
(Remember, Jack doesn't use FreeDOS, and I have no idea if his
'testers' [if anybody left:
Johnson? Khusraw?] reliably tests every minor release.)"

>> but he tends to get very upset very quickly, and then lashes out at people.

On March 17, 2015, I wrote to mvojvodic on BTTR's forum:

"If you want to try his latest drivers (Mar-18) [sic], grab them from
his DropBox, but since he doesn't even use FreeDOS (only MS-DOS 6.22),
I'm not sure if they work at all anymore
[link to DropBox URL]"

On May 16, 2015, Jack wrote to me privately, insulting me heavily
(most of which I will not quote here, although he's used similar
insults to many others before). Most of his wrath was a delayed
response to my (April 4) post to Zangune on the SF.net bug tracker. He
still acted offended that we would dare suggest he upgrade his web
browser to a newer, freeware version that ran on his unsupported OS
[NT 4] (or similar workarounds). "Microsoft and Intel shills", he
called us, even though we tried to find him free workarounds.

But he also said this:

"I went to close-source drivers because, AND ONLY BECAUSE, of the following
[my above BTTR post, based solely on one sentence:  "I'm not sure if
[the drivers] work at all anymore"]"

So that one sentence he took out of context, so he claims to 100%
blame me. (Which is bogus and makes no sense.)

Despite me later telling him several times that he was wrong, *despite
him openly acknowledging and pretending to understand this* (June 15
on freedos-user), he still went literally insane (June 30 on
freedos-user) and was very abusive on this mailing list (and seemed to
not understand what we'd already discussed).

So his June 15 email made it very clear that he understood. I was not
vague. And yet his June 30 email was the one where he can't seem to
understand the difference between "Mar-05" and "Mar-18". And that is
the questionable email that I wonder if he even was the author. In
fact, I still don't know how he got back on the mailing list since
*that was the whole point of me emailing him, for months at a time!!*
That was the whole issue that I couldn't get him to resolve, and he
was tired of hearing my help, so he (falsely said) "I Give UP!" on
everything! (So he "gave up" before he went closed source, based upon
his own incompetence. Or maybe he just lied about his reasoning.)

>> He has brought a lot of ill will here.

He likes calling people names, especially those of a certain nation,
which he apparently dislikes heavily. (Hey, Johnson Lam, even beloved
hero, Bruce Lee, shared lineage with that wonderful nation! Isn't that
great news?? No wonder he was so successful!)

I even found an old post on BTTR (Nov. 7, 2007) where you, Robert,
publicly posted an email from him where he was very rude to you. Yes,
his behavior is ridiculous and unfair, but at least you're not alone!
You're not the only target of his (unjustified) wrath.

>> It's no surprise that Jack keeps adding notices in his software "license" 
>> that says you cannot use his program on or with FreeDOS.

I wouldn't know, I can't check the binaries since he forbids
redistribution, is closed source, and hates everyone.

But my guess is that it's not license prohibition but instead OEM 0xFD
ban in software itself.

Which is, of course, irrational. Even if he did blame only me (albeit
unfairly), why would he punish *all* FreeDOS users? It makes no sense,
but keep in mind that *he did it before, ten years ago, too!!*

(Nov, 10, 2007, on BTTR):

"I regret that, after three direct requests for the 'links' to my
drivers to be deleted from this website, nothing was done, and thus
the only way for me to deal with the 'situation' was for the files to
be deleted from Johnson's website."

(And that situation was also unfair, but it had literally nothing to
do with me, I was just an unhappy observer. I never understood his

Actually, he said in that same message that he'd let me (and
separately Lucho) put XMGR and UIDE on our diskettes, so I guess this
was before his OEM ban?? Ugh, I don't remember.

If you check his own history in his newer drivers, e.g. "Mar-05" on
iBiblio, the very first entry (at the bottom) says this:

"25-Apr-09   XMGR/UIDE license and FreeDOS prohibition deleted,
drivers and sources are again available to all."

So even back then he had grudges (but it wasn't me)!! Too bad he keeps
repeating the same mistakes!!

> His famous "last" words from <http://optimizr.dyndns.org/dos/drivers.html>:
> "Thanks" to the people in FreeDOS forum, all kind of insult, hack, steal
> and modify Jack's drivers, Jack decided to stop offering this drivers to
> the public.

His May 16 (2015) email had several direct insults to me as well as
many indirect attacks, all because I "intentionally" hurt his feelings
by saying that his "Mar-18" drivers regressed (which, at that time, he
didn't seem to understand, but even now he pretends not to care). And
that nasty email was indeed cc'd to both Johnson Lam and Mihai
Ionescu, neither of whom complained.

I really don't want to repeat his words here, but he did also directly
insult me (many times) publicly in his June 30 (2015) email to
freedos-user as well. It was that post (and refusal to back down) that
got him banned (although, IIRC, Eric Auer didn't want to do it and was
actually mad at me instead for responding publicly at all). Seriously,
the contents of that email from him is highly *deranged*!

"Hack" or "steal", I don't know what that means in this context. How
do you "steal" freeware?? Also, AFAIK, there was only one dude (ten
years ago, in one of his previous disputes) on BTTR who claimed to
have done some reverse engineering, but nobody in FreeDOS is that
person, and I haven't seen that person around since then. The only
reference I can find is an old post where that person mentioned
unpublished decryption hacks (which even he admitted were not
necessary anyways since upstream eventually "opened" sources again).

"Modify", I don't know how that could (easily) happen on closed
source. I'm not aware of anyone "modifying" his stuff or why they'd
bother. And on open source, modifications are the name of the game
(and half the point)! Use, study, modify, and/or redistribute. That's
what FOSS is all about. I'm not sure why that would "accidentally"
offend anyone at this late date. This is not a secret!

(I know some people are tired of me rehashing this again, but I'm
trying to prove a point here! It shouldn't be this hard to understand
the truth! Nothing he says or does makes sense! I'm trying to clarify!
Either he's *very* confused or just plain dishonest. How is it that
even his "testers" can't understand this??)

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