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> What do these "Jack's Drivers" actually do?

Waste everyone's time.

(Just use Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux ...!)

(further response to Eric Auer inlined below)

> On Friday, November 17, 2017, 1:59:11 AM MST, Eric Auer <e.a...@jpberlin.de>
> wrote:
> Hi Rugxulo,


> you are not going to make Jack any more kind by publicly
> sharing all private email details of your private fight...

How is it "private"? He publicly posts all kinds of rude things. The
only reason we ever had "private" email is mostly because he didn't
want to stay subscribed to freedos-user all the time (too much noise).
Oh, and also because later he couldn't even do that at all. Hence the
whole nasty May 16 (2015) private email that I never responded to
(since he'd already said, falsely, that he would go away).

There was no personal rapport between us. We never discussed anything
but boring technical software. We never discussed religion or
politics, and we never had a falling out. It's an accident that I know
literally anything about his personal life since we never discussed
things like that either.

Sure, he's obsessively angry about you-know-what-worldwide-event (that
ended before he was born), but who cares? I'm too young to care (or
brood) about that. And it's not fair (obviously) to punish innocent
people (who also weren't born yet) with rage about that either. Not to
beat a dead horse, but yes, when he constantly harps on it (and even
directs such specific insults to me), it's very annoying and immature.

I'm trying to be somewhat discreet here (especially because it sounds
ludicrous to even believe it, and I don't want to rile anyone up), but
he definitely harbors resentment. And FreeDOS is not immune to such

> Jack does update drivers because he is a perfectionist,

What good is a perfect painting if no one will see it? Why bake a
gourmet meal and then throw it away?

> but he is also known for not liking the FreeDOS community

Who did nothing bad to him.

> (including in particular you)

Even more ridiculous, I spent dozens of hours trying to help him, and
he knew it!

And all it takes to piss him off is literally one innocuous sentence
to someone else: "Mar-18 won't boot on my Lenovo desktop" (but here's
a URL to download that exact version yourself if you want to try it).

> so it is no surprise

Really?? You think the proper reaction to this dispute was, "Well,
obviously I have to go closed source and insult everyone. (Obviously!
Obviously! Yes sir, obviously!)"

> that he fails to make nice announcements, share sources, etc.
> ... which is why almost everybody here stopped to care.

He literally gains nothing by being closed source. If there is zero
advantage, then why do it?

I can only surmise one or two possible theories, but each one involves
disregarding his public excuse entirely (as a flatout lie) and
pretending that he "needs" it to be closed for xyz advantage. (Which
is a stretch, and I don't believe it's true, but I guess anything's

> I, too found it a bit silly that there even was a license,
> and for a while even code, for preventing FreeDOS use of
> the drivers.

FreeDOS has been low on volunteers for a long time. But it works
remarkably well. I like it a lot, obviously. So it's strange to see
someone kick us while we're down, so to speak. I'd almost consider it
rude to suggest Linux on such a forum, but Linux is so popular and
does so much (and is Free and ...). Does he not realize that
decreasing DOS functionality pushes away the few that are left? Does
he want us to go to Linux or Windows or ... ? Doubt it, he despises
them, and yet he despises us too.

> The "hack" problem was for one of the closed
> source releases: Somebody used a debugger to deobfuscate
> that driver to remove machine code which had deliberately
> made the driver unusable on FreeDOS. You cannot STEAL free
> software indeed but you can upset authors by spoiling their
> ability to upset users :-p So yes, you can call it a HACK.
> Note that this was many years ago, long forgotten by many.

Was it ever made public? AFAIK, no. And BTW, even back then we still
had "old" versions of his drivers. Seriously, he's had hundreds of
versions of these by now (or at least several branches / renames).
It's not that hard to find some old version.

> So what should I say? We already know everything about the situation.

Obviously, we don't, because people keep repeating the same old
misinformation. I'm just saying, *to me*, as someone who is unfairly
in the middle of this (for no good reason), it's irrational. Jack
needs to wake up, grow up, get a grip.

> There is no point in reiterating again and again
> that fights between humans keep machines from enjoying nice
> drivers here, as this is not going to change that anyway.

Software is very logical, deterministic. The cpu doesn't randomly get
mad and stop working because you didn't compliment it enough.

Look, Eric, I already told you (almost) two years ago that I could
"prove" that his "Mar-18" drivers didn't work on my Lenovo desktop.
And I even publicly posted the photos and .ZIP (binaries + sources).
After all, his whole claim against us is that my one sentence was
false. So obviously he would correct his error and open sources again,
if I proved he was wrong. So why didn't he do it? Is he too dumb? Is
he too stubborn? Or was he just full of it the whole time?

I don't know, but I tried. I really tried to solve the situation. I
know you think I'm being rude or pedantic, rehashing it over and over
again, but he never goes away! He keeps saying he will, but he never
does! Seriously, I'm not going to apologize to him when I did
*nothing* to him! It's not like I'm asking *him* to grovel to us, but
he needs to be honest (with himself and others)! Honesty is a virtue.
Tell the truth, Jack! Stop portraying everyone else as an enemy when
nobody did anything to you!

(Sigh. Just use Linux. DOSEMU + FreeDOS works fine. C'mon, Jack's
drivers require 386+ anyways!)

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