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> (still lurking but not a lot of time... over the past years)

Long time no see, indeed.

> I'll be at FOSDEM for work related purposes (HPC devroom). Since I'll
> be there anyway I submitted a proposal for Retrocomputing to talk
> about DOSEMU and FreeDOS.

DOSEMU is very useful, especially since the native BIOS is fading away
in lieu of UEFI.

> One exciting development that somehow was missed is that there is
> finally a GCC port with support for far pointers
> (https://github.com/tkchia/gcc-ia16/).

But this is somewhat confusing to me.

Of course it says it's based upon Jenner's work, but it seems to have
not been updated (mostly) for several years. But Jenner didn't release
his work (AFAIK) officially until last April (Windows or Linux
cross-tools downloads only). While he had far pointers on his todo
list, he hadn't gotten to it yet.

I accidentally stumbled upon someone mentioning Jenner's April release
on FASM's forum, but I was very hesitant to mention any of this to
anyone here. (I did eventually email Jim Hall, though.) I didn't want
anyone to get their hopes up since it was somewhat incomplete.

Jenner did make a GNU Cauldron video (dated "Sep 9, 2017"), which I
also emailed Jim about, but it just reiterates the same limitations
(and mentions a linker bug).

> I have been able to compile the FD kernel with it and run the result, though
> it needs various changes. I would have never guessed in 2000 that this
> would be possible in 2017!

With GCC? Or just in general? Honestly, we've had bigger surprises.
But it really shouldn't be this hard to rebuild things.

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