> Are you sure?
> Binaries are still from 2003 (sshdos.zip) or 2006 (ssh2dos.zip).

I am only sure that one package reports itself as SSHDOS v0.95, and it is not 
the package that shipped with FreeDOS 1.2.

But, I haven’t used either. I don’t want to speculate on what the differences 
between them could be. 

As a general rule, it is usually a good idea to check it if there is an update 
that may solve a problem. Unfortunately, it often does not. But, it usually 
doesn’t hurt. Usually...

Anyhow, I recall seeing a thread earlier discussing something similar. At 
least, I think it was similar. I was not very interested at the time and kinda 
only skimmed it. But, if I remember what I half glimpsed, it involved something 
about having to add some older protocols to the server.  But, I’m probably 
mis-remembering it.

Sorry, I really can’t be much more help than that. 


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