I'm attempting to get some DOS onto a WYSE Sx0 thin client. The problem is 
right after the OS starts to load from the IDE flash module, the BIOS steps in 
and hides the IDE controller. So it comes up missing operating system.
Boot from USB and it's there. I have a FreeDOS image for a 64 megabyte module, 
which someone French setup for these thin clients. It will boot just fine, but 
in French. Somehow it works around or ignores it hiding or disabling the IDE 
The problem and fix for Linux is at the bottom of this page 
Looks like I may have to use FreeDOS if there's no way to get past that with 
some MS-DOS version. But if there's some special extra configuration required 
for getting FreeDOS to work, I've no idea what it is.
I don't need anything complicated for DOS, just configuring the 128 meg RAM for 
as much EMS as possible because the old software I want to run uses EMS not 
XMS, and USB support for reading files from flash drives. Getting the Realtek 
AC97 sound and Realtek LAN working would be nice, but not required.
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