It's apparently blocking the FreeDOS USB booted setup from making any writes to 
IDE, after initially blocking it from detecting there's a drive there at all.
What would be nice is if I could get one of these thin clients in the hands of 
someone who can check it out in depth to figure out what it's doing to prevent 
working with an OS not supplied by WYSE.
One thing I have found out is that with the official operating systems, they're 
blocked from cross-updating to a different OS but that's easy to bypass by 
copying and pasting some text from a configuration file, for example I put WYSE 
Linux for an S50 onto an S30 by copying the ID info for the S30 in place of the 
same on a USB drive with the Linux installer. WYSE used to sell an XP Embedded 
upgrade kit for any of the Sx0 series to make them an S90. It had a 256 (or 512 
meg) SODIMM and a larger DOM, along with a CD-ROM. Unlike the normal 
downloadable utility and XPe image, that one would have to be configured to not 
care about the OS the client was locked to. But just try finding one of those 
CD-ROMs now.
There's two versions of the Sx0. The early model has soldered RAM and a 
proprietary DOM, was not available with XPe. This version seems to be pretty 
rare, none of my three are this model.
Then they switched to the 2.5" IDE connector and a removable SODIMM. There's a 
few minor revisions but they're only slight things that have no effect on 

    On Thursday, January 4, 2018, 6:51:48 PM MST, Rugxulo <> 

On Thu, Jan 4, 2018 at 6:36 PM, Gregg Eshelman via Freedos-user
<> wrote:
> The workaround at the bottom of this page will have to be implemented in
> FreeDOS in order to install it from USB.

Writing to MSRs? Do you really think that's what Quentin did? I
somehow doubt it. He seems to have used stock (unmodified) FD kernel
2040 here.

Quick workaround: can't you install from floppy? (Perhaps USB floppy
drive?) Just to get the raw basics, then xcopy over extra stuff, if

Actually, you don't need full FreeDOS, just update the kernel (and
other utils, if needed). But even then I doubt too much changed
between kernel 2040 and now.

Or are you saying it won't write any files? You can't modify anything?  
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