Hi again,

I used CloneDisk to rip a RAW image of the booting DOM with FreeDOS.
Mounted that with Qemu. Booted Qemu with the FreeDOS install image and
installed FreeDOS to the image copied from the DOM. Then I used
CloneDisk to write that image back to the DOM. "Missing Operating

Then maybe the real PC and QEMU were configured to use different drive
geometries: For example QEMU supports LBA, but maybe your real PC BIOS
did not support LBA or did not have it enabled? Have you tested whether
things still booted in QEMU before you cloned the image back to the DOM?

When in doubt, you can always skip the SYS step during FreeDOS install
to keep most booting parts as they were in the previous raw image. Also,
a "missing operating system" message can be a symptom of bad XMS, EMS or
UMB driver configurations: Those might break proper disk access as soon
as the driver loads or as soon as XMS / EMS / UMB are actually used.

And when file access fails in the middle of config / autoexec, you may
get messages complaining about missing files, while the files actually
are still there.

Things you can try: 1. Boot from floppy and SYS the DOM again. 2. Use
F5 / F8 to skip all / part of the drivers to see if they caused your
problem in their current configuration and 3. Check your PC BIOS and
QEMU settings regarding LBA support and CHS geometries for the DOM to
see whether they match nicely. You can also tell SYS to use or avoid
LBA manually, but that should only be needed in exotic situations.

Regards, Eric

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