On 1/7/2018 10:29 AM, Ivan Ivanov wrote:
  doubt that any of those have any real purpose
at least some of these hobby OS could be useful in real life (for
not-hobby purposes) ,
e.g. KolibriOS - many kinds of personal computing including web browsing,
Visopsys - disk partitioning, 9front - modern Plan 9 fork with all its
utilities, etc...
Sorry, but that is all but hobby purposes. There is no way that you can use it for any other purposes beside that, as any real application for it don't exist. Try word processing or spreadsheets that you need to share with others. And no, web browsing doesn't count either, as I would not, in these times, trust a hobby attempt at a web browser, not to mention at the ability to properly access the majority of web pages these days. Even older mainstream browser choke on a lot of pages these days...

Even for DOS, the use case are dwindling, though there are still a lot of them, as DOS is a mature, well understood and documented environment. I was disappointed when Intel dropped those Quark X1000 based x86 embedded boards like the Galileo, Edison and a couple of others, and now only the vastly more expensive and complicated Intel Atom boards for IoT development. An embedded version of FreeDOS would have been nice, providing a simple, but well understood file system for more complex embedded applications running on those boards...


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