On Sun, Jan 7, 2018 at 6:45 PM, Curtis Collins
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> I installed full FreeDos to USB and it boots and works fine. Only problem is
> there are none of the usual external commands like "chkdsk". There are
> descriptions of various packages on the project web site, but no correlating
> images to download.
> How do I get all the usual external commands?

When you say "I installed full FreeDos to USB", what do you mean?  A
full installation should get you the external commands as well as the
DOS kernel and the command processor.

If you issue a SET command, what do you get?  SET, issued by itself,
with list currently defined environment variables.

DOS is like every other OS.  It looks for programs in the directory
you are in at the moment*, and in other directories defined in the
%PATH% variable. When you boot DOS, you'll be looking at the root
directory of the drive where you installed it.

If the programs aren't in those places, they won't be seen, and you'll
get a command not found error.  I suspect the sub-directory where the
external commands live is not in the DOS %PATH%, so the OS won't see
and run them. You'll need to edit the AUTOEXEC.BAT file to add the
directories where the external commands live to the PATH.

* Well, DOS and Windows do that.  Unix, Linux, and OS/X *only* look in
directories defined in the PATH.  They don't look in the current
directory unless you explicitly specify it by ./<command> on the
command line, or if  "." is added to the PATH.

> Curtis

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