>> I installed full FreeDos to USB and it boots and works fine. Only
>> problem is there are none of the usual external commands like
>> "chkdsk". There are descriptions of various packages on the project
>> web site, but no correlating images to download. How do I get all the
>> usual external commands?

> if external commands are not found, then you
> probably have to set PATH to point to those
> directories where your external command exe
> and com files are installed. As temporary
> workaround, you can simply go to that drive
> and directory - the current directory always
> is implicit part of the path in DOS.

On Mon, Jan 8, 2018 at 9:48 AM,  <curtis.coll...@nauticalventures.biz> wrote:
> Thhanks. Will take a look at what dirs I have and path settings.

Note that FreeDOS 1.2 installs by default in C:\FDOS, so your PATH
should probably look like:


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