Hi Jim,

>>> I was thinking that it could become necessary to start implementing
>>> a FreeDOS version that included natively its own BIOS...

>> In my opinion: 1. is a very good idea. Something which boots
>> via UEFI and supports GPT and loads Coreboot / Seabios / other...

The difference to running FreeDOS in DOSEMU would be that DOS
will still run on totally native hardware and CPU. Pro: Much
better performance and full hardware control. Contra: None of
the emulated classic devices such as a virtual soundblaster or
NE2000 network card, so DOS will need suitable drivers to use
the actual sound and network chip.

I personally would like to see a plain boot loader which starts
a suitable BIOS-for-UEFI module and then DOS. Of course plenty
of systems already enjoy DOS in DOSEMU inside a Linux distro as
well, but I would not try to create a special lightweight only-
DOSEMU distro of Linux. Most hardware is big enough to run that
as one of many apps on a full install of any normal Linux anyway
so only the "DOS bootstrap tool with EFI module for BIOS" would
make a cool difference to what already exists out there...

Cheers, Eric

PS: Somehow my freedos-user I/O recently defaults to off-list reply?

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