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> A small side trip about real work in real DOS.
> Since Win2K, my desktops have had a 2G, FAT16 primary at the front of the
> first HDD, carrying DOS and a boot manager, and two Win partitions, both
> logicals.  Every other partition is a logical.  Using that layout I am now
> running FreeDOS 1.1 and Win7-64 - and yes Win7-64 are on logicals.

I've multi-booted with FreeDOS as one of the OSes.

> My DOS accounting program was abandoned by it's creator in 1995 and I am
> still using it.  I have looked at many other accounting programs since then
> and have been unimpressed by most and appalled by some.  A big thing I like
> about doing accounting under DOS is that I am not doing accounting in a
> window, my PC becomes an accounting machine.  It takes the entire screen,
> the text is big and bold, and it is fast.  And three years of data files fit
> on a floppy.

The question is whether you need DOS itself to do that.

I run Win10 and Linux.  I have an assortment of old DOS apps that I
run using DOSBox, which was designed to let folks run old DOS games on
machines that aren't PCs.

Under Windows, I use vDOSPlus, which is a fork of DOSBox specifically
intended for character mode business apps, and drops the specialized
graphics and sound support games required.  Under Linux, I use DOSBox
itself.  For that matter, I have an assortment of old DOS stuff up on
my Android tablet, using an Android port of DOSBox.

(And I have a 23" 1920x1080 monitor, and don't *want* stuff full screen.)

Most folks just want to run old DOS applications, and you don't need
DOS itself to do so.

> And I am still using WordPerfect 6.2B for DOS.  Similar to accounting, my PC
> becomes a word processor.  I have kept rather current versions of MS Office,
> but use them mostly to work other peoples files.
> A couple decades ago, Bill Macrone of PC Magazine said if you want to multi
> task use multiple machines.  If I want to access a bank on-line while doing
> accounting I have a Win laptop sitting at my elbow.
> So I am just hopping to keep the current stuff running.

Your setup seems to suit you, and should continue to work.

> Ray

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