Good news, everyone! FreeDOS's Free FDISK does support multiple primary

I finally did a little test of what that VOGONS member laid out (using Free
FDISK that ships with FreeDOS), and man it is magical compared to the
original FDISK provided by Microsoft. It correctly detects the size of the
HDD I am using, and skips the annoyingly slow "checking drive integrity"
bullcrap that takes forever. And, the reason I tried it to make sure it did
do what the VOGONS member said it did, I was able to make 2 primary
partitions! I was able to create a 80GB primary partition for Win98 "in the
front" as the first partition, and then the rest of the space (150GB) for a
second primary partition for XP! Finally, to make sure it was all about
that "active" status, I set the second primary partition as active, and the
XP setup disk manager said that second primary partition would be the C
drive! So now I am installing Win98 (after changing the "active" status
back to the 80GB primary partition) for hopefully the last time on this
time-waster of a machine, and then will install XP, choose a boot manager,
and then enjoy!

On Sun, Jan 21, 2018 at 10:15 PM, Felix Miata <> wrote:

> Eric Auer composed on 2018-01-22 03:14 (UTC+0100):
> >>> dual-boot system, and Win98 *has* to be on the first partition.
> >>    That was never the case for me. e.g.
> > I agree that most operating systems happily boot from ANY primary
> > partition (not necessarily the active one), I seem to remember that
> > DOS and Windows are less happy to boot from LOGICAL partitions?
> > If you have more specific information, I would be happy to read it.
> AFAIK, neither MS-DOS nor PC-DOS nor Windows can ever boot from a logical.
> I was
> not describing booting from a logical. I was describing use of a single
> small
> (as little as ~32MB for 9x) FAT primary partition (that need neither be the
> first primary nor active) for Windows (NT/9x/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10) to boot
> M$
> from, along with all operating system installations on logicals. Having
> learned
> this with 9x, I can't recall ever installing XP anywhere but (logical) E:
> on any
> of my own BIOS PCs, (virtually?) all of which for 25 years or so have been
> and/or are multiboot. I do own a working PC with XP on C:, but I didn't
> create
> that installation.
> W7 (probably Vista, which I never installed anywhere, too) and newer
> apparently
> insist on calling the system partition C: even when it is a logical.
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