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> Right, but finding a proper BootManager might be a bit of a challenge.
> Many bootmanager need to be installed in a FAT partition (FAT32 might be OK)
> so that would be the W98 one. Some install into the MBR area only, and some
> require a small primary partition of their own ...
> It does not have to do much, just let you select from a menu and set the
> choosen partition as ACTIVE ...

Just to plug BOOTMGR again:


For maximum compatibility with existing software, the BOOTMGR loader
fits entirely in the Master Boot Record and does not occupy nor
overwrite any additional disk space (unlike some other boot managers).
Of course, this limited size doesn't allow defining user passwords,
multiple configurations with more than four primary partitions, and
other non-standard (and therefore sometimes dangerous) features.

P.S. Just for completeness, another interesting one might be this:

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