On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 5:56 PM, Seth <sethsi...@sdf.org> wrote:
> There's an update I didn't know about- e100b11c[3]. After adding my device id 
> to its list, it worked!

I'm no networking guru myself, so I only use packet drivers under VMs
(mostly only FTP or Wget). I know you have enough on your plate, but

Can you be more specific? "It worked" is somewhat vague. I'm just
curious exactly what you tried.

Links2? Wget? FTP? IRC? Curl?

We're somewhat limited on builds of such tools, and I'm not exactly
volunteering to rebuild most of them, but we do at least have some
working copies. Obviously more stuff exists (Lynx or Arachne or
HTGET), so I'm not asking you to test literally everything.

For instance, I think the existing FreeDOS Curl builds are old and
semi-broken, but M.K. rebuilt Curl semi-recently (March 2017). I
normally prefer Wget (his old build from 2008), but I shun the idea of
rebuilding it. Hey, I like rebuilding, but some things are annoyingly
complex. So I haven't personally verified rebuilding those.

http://mik.dyndns.pro/dos-stuff/bin/curl753b.7z    (while latest is 7.57.0)

It's just that we get so few (native) packet drivers, and it's such
brittle work. I just wish we had slightly more stability,
reproducibility, etc.

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