Hi Brian,

this sounds like your BIOS contains the driver for USB sticks
present at boot, but has no support for plug and play. It is
strange that trying to change the memory stick even threw out
the USB keyboard support but I guess you cannot expect too
much help from your BIOS with USB without rebooting. So you
should check which OTHER storage media you have available
and which tools already are on your still working part of
the FreeDOS memory stick. For example if you have FileMaven
(I think the EXE is called FM3) then you can run another
copy on another computer and link both via serial port to
transfer files. Or if you have CURL or WGET and a working
network driver, you can just download files. You can use
DEVLOAD to load drivers on the fly. Given that all of this
is rather risky to play withl if you must never reboot, I
suggest you already start researching how to un-brick the
controller with some sort of hardware programmer tool if
that should become necessary. Ask the support of the SAS
controller about that. Maybe it also has some magic fall
back way to enter update mode even with bad firmware.

Good luck! Regards, Eric

PS: Your BIOS probably reported the stick as harddisk to DOS,
so you could try if opening a few files here and there makes
DOS run out of cache, eventually forcing it to re-read data
and notice that you have added some new files :-)

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