The situation is not looking good. Are you still able to copy or create files on the drive letter that you booted from?

There are two DOS programs, MS Interlink and Laplink, that could self-copy from one DOS PC to another through the serial port. But here's the kicker: the target PC has to be able to execute the MODE command to configure its serial port. How would you get the MODE utility? Well, now we are back to typing in a program with the keyboard, that is if it didn't lose the ability to create files when the USB stick was removed/reinserted. (I'm assuming you don't have the DEBUG program either.) So if you seriously want to try that, I would suggest going to comp.lang.asm.x86 and ask for instructions on how to use the program described in the recent thread "Hex to bin"

What about doing it without the MODE command? By using some COPY COM1 commands and another PC with a terminal program it might be possible to discover the port's current settings. Of course, if they differ from the ones that Interlnk or Laplink were designed to use then you wouldn't be able to use those programs. In theory, you could write your own program that did the same thing. In practice, it might be time to give up and try rebooting...

On Wed, 24 Jan 2018 06:10:07 -0500, Brian Yglesias <> wrote:

Thanks for tge reply.

I should mention off the bat that I at one point removed the usb memstick I booted from, copied files to it, and reinserted. It didn't work, and running a command subsequent to that failed. I'm not sure if I compounded the problem, or
if it is coincidental.

I booted from a usb memstick, and there's nothing on there but the aoutoexec.bat, it's conf, localization stuff, and a couple of firmware files and, and the
utility that sometimes flashes it into IT mode.

There is a serial port on the server and there's a linux server also with a serial port inches away. In addition, I have a laptop with windows and a USB
serial port.

I'll be back at the console in a few hours. I presume the goal is to read the
assembler program from the seriapl port, correct?

Thanks for the reply.

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