Hi Tony,

Based on your description...

The install medium boots, detects Drive C: is partitioned, formatted and 
readable. Then finds the install packages (either on USB or CD) and starts to 
install them. Gets to the CheckDisk package and stops. No errors are shown. The 
system just freezes. 
Just a couple of basic questions. 

Which install medium are you booting? Floppy, USB Stick, CD or Legacy CD?

The installer is the same across each of those. However, each of those are 
handled very differently by the computer. One may work fine, when others don’t.

Is drive C actually the HardDrive?

Is it writable?

After a failed install, if you reboot and exit the installer, do you see the 
files on drive C from the failed attempt?

It may be possible to install the packages manually.

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