> Windows 3.11 (OEM release between 3.1 and WFWG 3.11) has either 32bit
> disk or 32bit file access, I can never remember which. Either way
> it's useless because both are needed (which only WFWG 3.11 has) to do
> any speed improving. 32bit incompatible drivers in config.sys and
> autoexec.bat can prevent both using 386 enhanced mode and 32bit disk
> and file access.

With a modern disk, speed should be no real problem, so I would
rather recommend to disable 32 bit disk access on modern PC, as
the Windows 3.x drivers expect old PC & formats. When you disable
those, it should fall back to BIOS & DOS compatible disk access.

This is just an "as far as I remember" statement, though...

I think 3.11 OEM or 3.12 or something also was the update which
fixed the 3.1 file manager to display file dates from 2000 upwards
as years "00" and up rather than as the years ":0" and so on? :-p

Note that far too many just say "Windows 3" or 3.1 when they mean
"Windows for Workgroups 3.11" which is quite different from the
normal 3.x series because WfW 3.11 almost insists on using 386enh
mode and it involves more networking stuff. The non-386 mode on
WfW 3.11 is a bit like "safe mode" of Windows 9x. While in classic
Windows 3.0 and 3.1, it was still quite normal to use non-386 modes
unless you wanted to use some modern performance features and such.

Cheers, Eric

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