Hello all,

I subscribed to this list because I am having a lot of trouble making a
simple dos usb stick to upgrade my computer bios.  It is appalling that
the my motherboard manufacturer does not have the tools for linux (or
windows for that matter) and the AMI bios is equally appalling. 
However, I really don't want to buy another motherboard.

I have no trouble installing freedos into a qemu virtual disk, or making
a bootable usb stick, but I don't know how to get around the freedos
setup routine and just have the functionality of a dos boot floppy. 
Basically, I think I want to copy the necessary "base" files onto the
usb stick and have the needed /sys files.  I believe that is enough for
the bios flash to work.

The motherboard is MSI 7677 E61 (B3) mini-tx intel socket 1155.

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