Hi Rugxulo, others,

> Eric Auer also wrote a simple terminal program years ago, but I'm
> afraid I never tried it (and probably wouldn't know how!):
> * https://www.ibiblio.org/pub/micro/pc-stuff/freedos/files/net/terminal/
> * https://www.auersoft.eu/soft/

That terminal is indeed extremely simple :-) The idea was to
have something which runs on 8086 and needs no ANSI driver.

It is so minimalistic that I even got a contributed version
which can be put into flash or EPROM to use without DOS :-)

Basically it just sends what you type to the other side and
displays what it receives, with ANSI rendering. There are a
few F-keys to change serial port connection details and such.

You should probably use one of the nicer freeware terminals
suggested in the thread. And yes, modern devices such as a
gsm, or wireless or bluetooth modules for microcontrollers,
still tend to understand AT Hayes style commands over some
sort of real or wrapped (into USB for example) serial line.

Have fun with the BBS and your modem! Cheers, Eric

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