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> My laptop has a hardware modem, internal. It's a Pentium III machine,
> so I'm not sure what risks that may imply about it being a Winmodem
> I've heard such nasty things about.

Winmodems basically are soundcards: You need a driver which
does the conversion between sounds and data, while classic
modems for the serial port already did that for you and give
the PC the actual data. Obviously a signal processing driver
for a winmodem requires some CPU power, but Pentium III is
fast enough for that. The problem is that you basically have
no winmodem drivers for DOS at all as far as I know. So as
mentioned elsewhere in the thread, try external modems with
serial port connection if you have such a port. If you have
only USB, you keep the dilemma: USB modems might do "real"
data exchange over a virtual serial port, but USB modems
might also be winmodems, which behave like USB soundcards
with some modifications. Generic USB drivers for DOS should
be fine for the serial port case - but not for winmodems.

In any case, I am positively surprised by the number of
software recommendations and links in this thread :-)

Regards, Eric

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