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> Obviously a signal processing driver for a winmodem requires some
> CPU power, but Pentium III is fast enough for that. The problem is that
> you basically have no winmodem drivers for DOS at all as far as I know.

I've never seen any.  DOS was dead as a commercial product before
winmodems came about, and there was no reason for anyone to try to
create a driver.

> So as mentioned elsewhere in the thread, try external modems with
> serial port connection if you have such a port.

It should be easy enough to score a USR or the like off eBay.

> If you have only USB, you keep the dilemma: USB modems might
> do "real" data exchange over a virtual serial port, but USB modems
> might also be winmodems, which behave like USB soundcards
> with some modifications.

> Generic USB drivers for DOS should be fine for the serial port case -
> but not for winmodems.

And you face the paucity of generic USB drivers for DOS.  USB also
came about after DOS was dead.  I don't believe the USB drivers I'm
aware of support the needed features.

> In any case, I am positively surprised by the number of
> software recommendations and links in this thread :-)

I'm not, and more modem information can be found here:

But the biggest challenge is likely to be "What do you call if you
*can* get a working modem?"

> Regards, Eric

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