Hello Rugxulo,

    ia16-elf-gcc -mcmodel=small -Os -mregparmcall -mnewlib-nano-stdio \
      tinyasm.c ins.c -o tinyasm.exe

What is the resulting size of the .EXE with your build? (He said it
uses at least 128k RAM, right?) At least for development and

Using the above command line, the resulting size of tinyasm.exe is
27,200 bytes.

I can sort of understand why Mr. Oscar did not try to include upx in the
build pipeline: it is (I think) not very possible yet to build upx
itself on a small, 16-bit machine.

Hello dmccunney,

Er, how much do we actually *care* about EXE size on disk?  Even folks
going old skool and trying to run on 808X CPUs are likely to have
decent HDs..  (Is *anyone* still trying to run DOS (MS/PC or FreeDOS)
and DOS apps entirely off of 360K floppies?) In that case, UPX may

Well, I guess we are simply obsessed with code size. :-)  I think
generally it is OK to try making programs as small as possible, as long
as it does not add too much inconvenience.

Thank you!


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