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> You can install DOS without any .ISO, though. Granted, that will be
> very minimal, so you'll need to copy files manually later. But,
> strictly speaking, it comes with a FreeDOS kernel and shell, so you
> can install FreeDOS without downloading the whole live .ISO. It can
> also (or used to, at least) use the "system disk" of MS-DOS from
> Windows' DISKCOPY.DLL. So again, no .ISO needed (assuming you still
> have a working BIOS that can actually run DOS).

Sure, yes. Or from a USB floppy drive if you have one. But nothing
much bigger than DOS will fit onto a floppy.

> But yes, generally it's useful for putting Linux .ISOs on a USB
> bootable jump drive for live testing.

I _think_ I have tested Rufus on a Linux ISO and it worked, but I find
other tools generally *much* quicker.

There's always a tradeoff. Rufus is tiny and doesn't even need to be
installed, but it is slow to run: quick download, slow operation.
Etcher is huge, but writes fast: slow download, fast operation.

There are many others, too:


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