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> Thanks for providing me with better direction. I'm already pursuing some of 
> your recommendations.

Just to reiterate, the official recommendation of FreeDOS is to use
OpenWatcom and NASM.

(OW's whelp.exe is their documentation reader. For something like
DJGPP it would be Texinfo, e.g. "info libc a printf" although other
Info readers exist.) But a lot of other assemblers are incompatible,
and old source code (e.g. 80xxx snippets) will mostly be in other
dialects. YMMV, caveat emptor, etc.


* https://pushbx.org/ecm/doc/insref.htm

* https://www.nasm.us/pub/nasm/releasebuilds/2.16.01/dos/ (latest
32-bit DJGPP build)
* https://www.nasm.us/pub/nasm/releasebuilds/2.16.01/doc/html/

(see OSDN's samples, e.g. 8086 reference)

Just for completeness, although not directly DOS-related, I also want
to tell you about Ray Seyfarth's x64 .PDF book, it's very cheap ($5),
and I think it uses YASM. He has some helpful tools (e.g. his EBE

* https://www.rayseyfarth.com/asm/

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